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Six tips to use Mobile Learning in Your Class

Six tips to use Mobile Learning in Your Class

M-learning, mobile learning or mobile e-learning, regardless of how you refer to it, the future of education is undergoing dramatic change. Mainly focused on the dissemination of educational information through mobile devices, mobile learning gives educators today a powerful tool to facilitate interactive learning experience.

Check out how easy it can realize mobile learning in the classroom nowadays!

1. Make evidence to your conference and load it as a podcast. Share the link with your students to use while studying or reference.

2. Split your number through your students and asked them to any e-questions that have to review the lesson. You know how to answer the outstanding questions in the subsequently class or straight as to where you can find the answers. In addition, two or more questions on the same point will give valuable information on what areas of their class were more difficult to follow.

3. Ask a new query correlated to the topic and let students utilize their phones to see how fast they can find the solution. (Students unable to browse the phones can share with those who have them) This also allows seeing how well it understands the circumstance of the query, beside with acknowledgment of significant keywords of their conference.

4. Create short lists of the most important points, such as dates of history, track scores, summaries, etc, that can be shared with students via courier.

5. Allow students to acquire five minutes to learn continental geography using maps from Google before asking them to keep their phones and asking them questions.

6. Build vocabulary by sending flash cards with a new word and its definition every day.