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Inadequate sleep impacts the performance of students

Inadequate sleep impacts the performance

In recent time, some colleges have decided to make some changes in the syllabus of their academic year. Along with the regular subjects, colleges will be teaching students some napping lessons. Students will be taught about how a good sleep can bring up a positive change in their college career. This is very important as the sleeping hours of students are decreasing day by day in this competitive world.

The health officials of colleges have realized that healthy sleep is a best medicine for those students who are depressed or having some health problems or academic troubles. It has been found that the student who takes a good nap, scores more as compared with the student who sacrifices his sleep for his career. The tough academic program makes it difficult for the students to have a nap of nine hours which is necessary for the students.

In addition to the academic program, campus life has played an important role in the sleep deficiency - as students get freedom, follow irregular schedules, consume coffee energy drinks, stay in crowded housing, increased social interaction and don't follow healthy diet. Besides this, improving technologies are not helping students to have adequate sleep; it's just helping to get the records that how the sleeping time is getting decreased for the students. The students of 1960s and 1970s used to have about 8 hours of sleep, it got decreased to 7 hours in 1980s and for the current generation, it's only six hours in a day.

College health officials are trying hard to make students know about the benefits of adequate sleep. There are some officials who offer seminars on napping while some of them dress in 'pajamas' and talk to students about importance of good nap. Although many colleges are trying hard to get their message out, there are some colleges which are not promoting this message aggressively and they just stick few posters on the walls of their campus to finish it off.

According to Brad Wolgast, psychologist at University of Delaware, there are many students who think they are suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, but the truth is that they just lack in necessary sleep. He said that the best way to help the students to know about the benefits of good sleep is conducting napping classes.

It's very necessary for the students to have an adequate sleep, but today's competitive world makes them to sleep just for few hours. Colleges have now realized about the sleep deficiency problems and are trying to help their students to take a good nap. This step will surely have a positive impact on the performance of the students during their college career.