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Udacity Snags $15 Million from Andreessen Horowitz

Udacity Snags $15 MillionUdacity, the digital university raised $15 million in Series B, an investment round led by a venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz along with existing investors Steve Blank and Charles River Ventures. The organization offers free online courses in Mathematics, Computer Science, Programming and Entrepreneurship, and General Sciences to students who don't have finance, time, inclination or access to study in a traditional university setting.


Demand of Online Education Boosts up for High School Graduation in U.S.

Demand of Online EducationThe recent annual report of Evergreen Education Group released this week suggested that number of students opting for online education has increased during the year 2011-2012. Students are largely participating in online education programs which offer them all study material and technology without physically going to the college. Also, many universities in United States are launching online courses for students to study at their own place.


Wiley to Expand Online Education Services by Acquiring

Wiley to Expand Online Education Services John Wiley & Sons Inc. has announced its acquisition of, LLC for around $220 million on 02 October, 2012. The company is on a mission of expanding its higher education business along with some technical education. The acquisition will be finalized at the end of this month and then Deltak will be helping in acceleration of Wiley's higher education business.


Inadequate sleep impacts the performance of students

Inadequate sleep impacts the performanceIn recent time, some colleges have decided to make some changes in the syllabus of their academic year. Along with the regular subjects, colleges will be teaching students some napping lessons. Students will be taught about how a good sleep can bring up a positive change in their college career. This is very important as the sleeping hours of students are decreasing day by day in this competitive world.


Indiana University announced IU online, major online learning initiative

 Indiana University announced IU onlineIndiana University has announced a new online initiative called IU online. It is basically a strategic investment for online education which will help in accelerating the development of online education system of the University. It will ultimately upgrade the delivery of such type of education in all campuses of the University. The main objective behind this investment is, it will be easier for the university's global reach and will be helpful for the economic and professional development needs of the university.