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 Semizone Registration

The Semizone community uses member's primary email address as the member identification. The primary email is used for all correspondences regarding course material and for email alerts.

The email address and the corresponding password combination is also used to authenticate access to various premium services such as webcasts, web based laboratories, web based simulators, and various technical content. The email address and corresponding password is also used to authenticate the identity of members in various community activities such as discussion forums, bulletin boards, and Q&A sessions.

Please guard against unauthorized access to your password by others. This will prevent others from posing as yourself in the online community and from accessing single user license material. When using a computer that is shared by others, please log out using the button on the top right corner after each session.

 How the Webcasts work

Upon registration (purchase) of the course either by using a credit card or by using a code for a corporate account, a single user license it granted to the student for 1 year. The streaming media lectures can be viewed up to 20 times during the period of the license. The single user license is granted to the individual who has registered for the class, and the course material may not be viewed by other individuals. The username and password combination created for Semizone membership is used to authenticate individuals registered for the course.

During the course registration, the user will be asked to enter the shipping address, and if using a credit card, the billing address. The shipping address is used for shipping the course materials, course completion certificate, and any items redeemed using Education Rewards.

Immediately upon registration, the streaming media, synchronized viewgraphs, and any other applicable on-line learning tools will be available for viewing by the registered individual. The course notes can be downloaded as PDF files on the same page where you view the videos. Also upon registration, Education Rewards points will be credited into the registrant's account.

Questions and discussions can be raised in the discussion forum at the end of each webcast page. The lecturers and Semizone staff will periodically review the course discussion forums and post answers or suggestions. All Semizone members are encouraged to post responses to questions or discussions in the interactive discussion page. From time to time, the course lecturers may produce Q&A presentations where the top questions raised in the discussion forum will be discussed.

Upon completion of the course, the registered student can request a certificate from MySemizone > MyTranscript. A short questionnaire must be completed before the certificate will be issued. An online printable version will be issued immediately upon request. A formal version printed by Semizone can be requested by selecting the box labeled "Request Formal Certificate". A record of the completed courses are maintained in MySemizone > MyTranscript.

Semizone offers the Education Rewards program designed to encourage on-going learning and education. Points are rewarded for registering for courses and for referring appropriate courses to colleagues. The Education Rewards points can be redeemed for charitable donations to qualifying educational institutions or for obtaining various personal productivity devices. Details of the program is available at http://www.semizone.com/rewards.

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