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Terms of Service
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Semizone is a site for education and training for Semiconductor and related industries. By registering into Semizone, it is understood that you agree to the terms and conditions stated below.
  1. COURSE REGISTRATION. Unless specifically stated otherwise, registration (purchase) of a class provides the registered individual a single user license to view the course material. Only the user who has registered for the class may access the educational material. The Semizone username and password should not be distributed to others.

  2. MEMBER REGISTRATION. When registering on our site, you must provide information only pertaining to you. You must not register another person as a member of this site. Semizone has the right to pursue legal actions upon knowledge that you have falsified certain information that you attest to be of your own.

  3. COMMUNITY POSTINGS. When posting any material, you attest that information you provide for are true to the best of your knowledge. The Community Forum Moderator reserves the right to remove any material which he finds irrelevant, offensive or inadequate without prior consent from the member.

  4. NEWS, EVENTS, FAB DATABASE, SUPPLIER DATABASE. It is advised that this section is only used as reference section and any other details must be sought from the material sources.