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Georgia technical schools' tuition fees rise by 13 percent

Georgia technical schools' tuition fees rise by 13 percent

Students who are or would be attending any of the 25 technical schools of Georgia have to face a rise of tuition fees by 13 percent. Additionally, they will have to pay some mandatory fees which will be for the spring semester in January. Though beneficial for the universities in some or the other way, it would be surely an out-of-pocket cost for the students' side and unfortunately it would not be covered by state HOPE scholarship grant.

The board which runs the entire system of technical colleges in Georgia voted Thursday that there should be increase in the tuition fees. It would be $85 per credit hour which was $75 previously. The totality of the tuition fees hence rises to $1,275 from $1,125 for full course load of 15 hours. The board also added new fee of $50 and named it as institutional fee and the student would need to pay this fee semester wise for spring semester on a mandatory basis. In addition to that, $50 would be required for each online course starting from fall 2013 in the technical universities of Georgia. According to the estimated amount by the board, students would be paying $223 on an average from spring 2013.

This rise in fees will totally go to $2,000 including books per semester for any technical course in Georgia. Qualified students for the HOPE scholarship receive not even half of the price than the increased one. Along with that, the state award, sponsored by Georgia Lottery pays only $60.75 for each credit hour which is very less than the presently increased cost. Near about 75% of the students out of 170,000 in Georgia receive HOPE scholarship. There are chances of fluctuations in the present proportion, if the changes the lawmakers approved in 2011 which now specify that the recipients of HOPE should maintain a minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) of 3.0. Prior to this, there was no minimum GPA required for receiving the scholarship. According to the lawmakers, new criteria which include high GPA minimum along with fall in the dollar value of awards were essential in order to cut down the overall program cost.

System board of the technical colleges in Georgia has increased the fees at least for a decade in spite of Georgia closely tracking national as well as regional median for public technical colleges.