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The Semizone Advantage
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The Semizone Advantage

Semizone has the largest library of online courses for the semiconductor industry. Semizone's commitment to educational excellence as well as the depth and breath of its online learning solutions make Semizone the ideal corporate provider of semiconductor education. Semizone continuously adds new content and updates existing courses to keep current with recent developments in the industry. Semizone produces the courses in modular formats using streaming media, advanced internet-enabled learning tools, and web-based interactive forums. The learning solutions enable semiconductor professionals to develop industry-focused knowledge within a collaborative environment, and to apply that knowledge effectively on the job.

Semizone's courses range from fundamentals to advanced topics covering materials, equipment, processes, devices, design, and manufacturing technologies. These courses and interactive learning tools are provided online, allowing industry professionals to access material anytime and anywhere. Companies can implement Semizone's programs throughout their global sites, resulting in higher productivity and lower training costs.

Semizone provides its services directly to the individual through open enrollment or to companies through its corporate programs. Semizone has a proven track record of providing quality online learning solutions to a number of corporate universities in the semiconductor industry. We work in partnership with our clients to maximize the returns on their corporate training investments.

High Quality Content: Semizone's courses are produced in collaboration with leading experts in their respective fields. Semizone offers access to some of the world's most renowned specialists in academia and industry through exclusive agreements with individuals and institutions.

Proven Methodology: Semizone's courses are produced and delivered using a methodology that has evolved from decades of experience in distance education by our partner, the Stanford Center for Professional Development.

Access Anytime, Anywhere: Semizone's information technology infrastructure provides reliable around-the-clock delivery of content with consistent navigation to individuals with Internet access or corporate intranets.

Collaborative Community: Semizone provides effective collaborative learning tools that promote student-instructor and peer-to-peer interactions. Semizone provides discussion forums that are open to the global community as well as forums that are restricted to company employees via a secure network.

Advanced Learning Tools: Semizone emphasizes active problem solving using practical case studies and advanced learning tools such as streaming media lecture modules, instructive animations, laboratory tour videos, Internet-enabled laboratories, and interactive simulators.

Modular Course Format: All of Semizone's courses are divided into self-contained modules that can be accessed at any time, offering the professional flexibility to accommodate their own schedule and learning pace.

Customer Service and Support: Semizone provides world-class service supporting both the individual student as well as corporate accounts. Our Learning Management System (LMS) offers capabilities for corporate enrollment, tracking, reporting, assessment, and course delivery features.

Certified Learning: We offer certificates of completion and Continuous Education Units (CEU) issued jointly with the Stanford Center for Professional Development.

Customized Programs: Semizone delivers customized programs and curricula based on specific corporate need as well as individual employee skill assessments and job requirements. We integrate our material with corporate intranet and provide regular management reports that track employee enrollment and progress.

On-line University Services: Semizone provides turnkey solutions for implementing and maintaining a comprehensive e-learning infrastructure to its corporate clients. Semizone handles all web operations and maintenance as well as the Learning Management System centered on the clients requirements.

Cost Effective Solutions: Semizone's courses are generally priced substantially below the equivalent live classroom or workshop events. When travel expenses are factored in, Semizone's cost-saving advantages are even more significant.

Semizone's educational offerings

Semizone's educational offerings can be categorized into five categories.

Knowledge Assessment: This product assesses the level of knowledge and competence of an individual in a particular field through an on-line test. This product can be customized for a client company and can be used as test-outs for specific job functions and responsibilities. Knowledge Assessment is also used as a tool to determine the recommended courses for the individual's requirements.

Knowledge Library: This product allows the user to search Semizone's database of lectures, videos, simulators, papers, patents, and other content and access the content instantly. All knowledge assets in Semizone's database are designed to facilitate efficient searches. This product is useful for the user who is looking to obtain quick information on a specific subject matter.

Courses: This product forms the backbone of Semizone's educational offerings. The courses are typically composed of modules that are based on lectures, html viewgraphs, on-site videos, screen captures, and other informational components. The courses typically cover a well-defined field and are typically self-contained in terms of educational material.

Certificate Program (Curriculum): This product is typically composed of a sequence of courses and encompasses a broader category. Certificate Programs are useful for individuals requiring intensive education in a new field. It can also be used to certify employees (in conjunction with Knowledge Assessment) for specific job functions. Testing requirements are more stringent for the Certificate Programs than for individual courses.

Live Classroom Lectures and Discussions: Live instructor led lectures and discussions are typically combined with the on-line offerings to enhance the learning experience among a group taking similar courses. The live sessions are typically held in the client company site and are typically open only to the employees. This facilitates active discussion on company-specific issues. The live sessions can also be used to facilitate communication among fellow employees working on similar projects within a company.