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CO1444: Pressure-Based Mass Flow Controllers
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CO1444: Pressure-Based Mass Flow Controllers
  Stephen P. Hansen
MKS Instruments
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Tuition Fee: $70.00

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Number of Modules: 6

Run Time: 1 hrs 8 mins

Continuing Education Units: 0.1

Education Reward Points: 70

Course Certificate : Semizone and Stanford Center for Professional Development

Course Overview:

This is the fourth course in a series of 8 courses produced by Semizone in collaboration with MKS Instruments on vacuum science and technology. The first four courses cover vacuum process environment, vacuum gauging, and mass flow controllers (MFCs). The final four courses describe a series of online vacuum training weblabs.

This course provides a detailed, practical understanding of pressure-based mass flow controllers, their operating principles, designs, and operating characteristics. The course provides examples of semiconductor process applications and case studies for these devices. The course also covers discussions related to specifying and calibrating pressure-based mass flow controllers.

Course Outline and Learning Objectives:

  • Delivery of non-gaseous materials
  • Liquid source delivery systems
  • Pressure-based mass flow controllers:
    • Principles of design and operation
    • Laminar flow element
    • Choked flow through an orifice
  • TEOS & Ozone mass flow control in CVD TEOS oxide
  • Characteristics for various chamber pressures
  • Choked vs. unchoked flow
  • Various process application examples
  • Specifying and calibrating pressure-based MFCs

Who should take the course:

  • Equipment engineers, process engineers, and technicians who want a better knowledge of vacuum techniques and related measurement & control systems.
  • Those who are involved in the development, maintenance, calibration, sales or support of vacuum instrumentation.
  • Prerequisite: Some familiarity with vacuum instrumentation or the operation and maintenance of process tools.

Learning Modules
Title Duration
Overview 7 mins
Module 1 - Delivery of Non-Gaseous Materials and Liquid Source Delivery System 13 mins
Module 2 - Overview of Pressure-Based Mass Flow Controllers 15 mins
Module 3 - Mass Flow Control Case Study for CVD TEOS / Ozone Oxide Deposition 9 mins
Module 4 - Characteristics of Pressure-Based Mass Flow Controllers and Process Examples 17 mins
Module 5 - Specifying and Calibrating Pressure-Based Mass Flow Controllers 7 mins

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