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CO22: Silicon Run I – 2nd Edition
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CO22: Silicon Run I – 2nd Edition
  Silicon Run Series
Ruth Carranza Productions
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Tuition Fee: $45.00

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Number of Modules: 1

Run Time: 30 mins

Continuing Education Units: 0.0

Education Reward Points: 45

Course Certificate : Semizone and Stanford Center for Professional Development

Video Overview:

Video on semiconductor and computer manufacture showing how microchips are fabricated and how they make computers work. This video is the 2nd Edition (1996), 10th Anniversary Update and completely updates and expands on the original. Using new animation and live industrial footage, it shows the expansiveness of sophisticated circuit design and the technical advances that make today's multi-layered IC production possible. Like the original Silicon Run, this new version serves as a classical exposition of integrated circuit fabrication. It conveys the "flavor" of ICs as well as the nuts and bolts. Close-ups of manufacturing processes, alternating with device animations, allow students and trainees "see" what can't be grasped as well from textbooks and lectures alone. Some reviewer excerpts follow:

For over 10 years the high quality and usefulness of Silicon run have made it a clear asset to our curriculum on semiconductor manufacturing. With the same clarity and insight of the original film, the new updated version reflects current circuit design and IC manufacturing. It, too, will serve as a great teaching tool for some time to come. –Prof. James Plummer, Stanford Univ.

SILICON RUN I is the ideal training and educational tool for industry professionals of all experience levels, guaranteed to give new insight into today's dynamic IC production process. -Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International

Excellent - this video is the best in its class. I recommend it often.-Lynn Fuller, Rochester Institute of Technology

Great tape! It has just the right balance of overview versus technical detail. Pretty up-to-date coverage. Just plain well done. Please add the University of Washington to your list of satisfied customers. Thanks for making my job easier. -R. Bruce Darling, University of Washington

Video Outline and Learning Objectives:

  • Time lapse silicon crystal growth
  • 200 mm (8 inch) wafer processing
  • CAD/CAE design, interaction of specialists
  • Clean room design
  • Mask making, including photolithography
  • Current IC manufacturing
  • Animated and microscopic views of CMOS transistors
  • Multi-layer fabrication, including planarization and metal plugs

Who should watch the video webcast:

Useful for both corporate training and academic instruction; semiconductor industry professionals of all experience levels including technicians, engineers, scientists, managers, and new hires.

Video Source:

Produced by Ruth Carranza Productions in collaboration with the Stanford University Center for Integrated Systems and the Stanford Nanofabrication Facility, a National Science Foundation National Nanofabrication Users Network member.

Additional Information:

Winner of the l997 Gold Apple and CINE Golden Eagle

Learning Modules
Title Duration
Silicon Run I - 2nd Edition 30 mins


Are end of course tests administered for any of the Silicon Run series?

Mark Mason

mark mason


All the final tests have already been implemented for the Silicon Run video series.

-- Admin at Semizone

is there a way to download after i pay for the vedio stream instead of shippin, because i live in Middle east and its hard to ship things to hear from states, reply to my mail:

-- ibrahim alrijaij


I was not able to find the tests for any of the sections of CO203. Where are they? For the IM1908 I was able to find them.

Regards, Marko Malinen

-- Employee 00026779

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