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Technical Reference
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Semizone, Inc. aims to provide you with up to date technical reference materials covering much of the semiconductor industry. Feel free to check out the following:

 Technical References
Date Title
05-31-2001 Foldup Silicon Crystal Information by Prof. Kris Pister
06-27-2001 Periodic table
06-27-2001 Conversion and Calculation Center (ConvertIt.com)
06-27-2001 Wireless Access for Conversions (ConvetIt.com)
06-27-2001 Conversion Factors
06-27-2001 Calculators Online
06-27-2001 Scientific Calculator Online
06-27-2001 Acronyms and Abbreviations (International Sematech)
06-27-2001 Technology Roadmap (ITRS)
06-27-2001 How to Make a Chip (Semiconductor International)
01-03-2002 The NIST Reference on Constants, Units, and Uncertainty
01-03-2002 Semiconductor Manufacturing Process Flow
02-18-2002 Microlithography applets
02-18-2002 Semiconductor applets
02-18-2002 MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet)
02-18-2002 Semiconductor Manufacturing Tour
02-19-2002 Semiconductor Subway
02-19-2002 Semiconductor Safety Association
11-06-2004 Semiconductor Glossary
11-06-2004 Semiconductor OneSource