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Educational Rewards Program
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The Semizone Education Rewards was created to encourage education and continuous learning. For each registered course, we offer the students points that can be redeemed for charitable donations to qualified educational institutions the student designates, or for various productivity enhancement tools and other gifts. The status of the Education Rewards points can be found by going to MySemizone > My Education Rewards.

Award of Points (Rules may be altered over time)

  • 100 points awarded at time of initial registration into Semizone community
  • Points equal to the dollar value of the course at time of registration
  • Triple points awarded to student at the time of registration (purchase) for first time purchase on entire content of the shopping cart.
  • One times the purchase price awarded to referrer at the time of registration for first time purchase by referred student.
  • One third the purchase price awarded to referrer at the time of subsequent registration by referred student. No distinction is made for first time or subsequent referral.
Redemption of Points

Five standard redemption levels at 1000 points to 5000 points at intervals of 1000 points. Corresponding promotional items to be associated with each of the standard point levels.

  1. 1000 points: $30 Amazon.com Gift Certificate
  2. 2000 points: $60 Amazon.com Gift Certificate
  3. 3000 points: $90 Amazon.com Gift Certificate
  4. 4000 points: $120 Amazon.com Gift Certificate
  5. 5000 points: $150 Amazon.com Gift Certificate

Special offers will be made time to time at levels higher than 5000 points.

Standard educational donations made with a minimum of 2500 points. The donation will be made with the following schedule:

  1. 2500 points: $100
  2. 5000 points: $200
  3. 7500 points: $300
  4. 10000 points: $400

Educational donation can be requested by sending an email to with the following information:

  • Educational Institution (including full mailing address and contact individual if applicable)
  • Dollar amount
  • Name of donor (including address information, if desired)

The maximum points that can be held in an account is 25,000. Accumulation of points will resume once the total points are decreased by redeeming the points for items or educational donations. An email alert will be sent to individuals with 20,000 or more points.