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Virtual Mosfet
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Semizone's Virtual MOSFET simulates the behavior of n channel and p channel MOSFETs. The simulator is designed to be used in conjunction with several Semizone courses that covers devices. The Virtual MOSFET models the behavior of an NMOS or PMOS as the following device parameters are varied:

  • Channel width (W in nm)
  • Channel length (L in nm)
  • Substrate doping concentration (Nsub in /cm3)
  • Gate dielectric thickness (Tdiel in nm)
  • Gate dielectric constant (Kdiel)
  • Temperature (T in C)

The Virtual MOSFET is implemented as a Java applet which runs on the client computer. Click on the button below to launch the simulator.

Instructions on running the Virtual MOSFET

To run the simulator, first choose among NMOS or PMOS by selecting the appropriate radio button. Then choose among the I-V , the linear I-V , the transconductance, and sub-threshold I-V plots.

Move the device parameter sliders (W, L, Nsub, Tdiel, and T) into the appropriate position, and select the range of the gate voltage (Vgs) and source drain voltage (Vds) that should be measured. The values represented by the slider position will be shown in the number box below the slider. Exact values can also be entered manually into the number boxes. Click on "Apply" to produce the plot.

The plot will scale automatically to fit the resulting data. The data values can be seen by clicking on the "Show Graph Data" button.

A general demonstration of the simulation capabilities can be seen by clicking on the "Animation Demo" button. The device parameters will cycle through pre-determined settings, showing the resulting I-V characteristics of the device.

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