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How to Use Blue-Tooth Technology for eLearning

How to Use Blue-Tooth Technology for eLearning

Bluetooth is a short-area, wireless networking feature that allow stationary and portable devices to talk. As per to Bluetooth's home site, the system was developed, partially, to eliminate the need for cables among devices while still provides a secure signal.

Developed by Students

Based on a report from The Chronicle of Higher Education, students from the University of Michigan use Bluetooth technology to help the blind with place-finding. Moreover the report says that the students tagged buildings with Bluetooth-enabled indicators that suggest the location to a listening Bluetooth-enabled device.

Smart Boards

Smart Technology's interactive white board (known as a SmartBoard, series 600) now enables link between the board and a Bluetooth-enabled gadget. It allows the user of the SmartBoard, usually the teacher, also the students to converse regarding material and course topics.


Bluetooth is being used as a tool for organizing educational research as well as evaluating performance of student in the classroom. The service was used by Reggie Davidrajuh in 2005 at the University of Stavanger in Norway to wirelessly give answers to tests as the students leave the classroom. This allows students to answer to the teacher's questions and no need to physically connect to the input tool.

Therefore students can stay in their seats in the answer period.


Even with being safer than open wireless systems, one objection was taken regarding the Bluetooth producers by Tel Aviv University in 2007. The university states that Bluetooth-enabled gadgets could drop victim to "snipers" who will use the synchronized connectivity to steal data from the device(like a contact list from a mobile phone). Chronicle of Higher Education also added that Bluetooth responded by starting work on a new service that should fix the problem of security.