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Benefits of Podcasting in E-learning

Benefits of Podcasting in E-learning

1.Available 24 / 7-The main benefit of podcasting in learning is convenience and portability of listening to education resources at anywhere and anytime without the need for wide technical information. Podcasts can be downloaded to all types of mobile devices like mobile phones, MP3 players, laptops and PDAs. Learning materials downloaded to wireless devices may be heard by students in their own time and place.


2. Students Review - A podcast of a lecture can be downloaded by students which can be invaluable for the study of the student. At any given time, the student has a podcast available for consultation.

3. Missed classes - There are definitely lots of e-learning circumstances that would benefit from the use of such tools. For example, a sick student to be capable to download a podcast of the conference days missed at school or a professor or teacher who cannot attend class for a few reason, could create a podcast of the conference accessible on a website where students can download.

4. Require to audio / visual learners - Possibly one of the major significant pedagogical features presented by podcasting are learning through listening. For lots of people, listening may be smarter and not as much of tedious reading. Listening can encourage and motivate students who do not like to read. Podcasting is mainly helpful when a visual impairment that traditional methods of learning becoming more difficult.