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Mobile Interface for LMS by BlueVolt

Mobile Interface for LMS by BlueVolt

Leading provider of Online Learning Management System (LMS), BlueVolt, is going to offer the attendees of CEDIA Expo 2012 an opportunity to learn about the company's new HTML5 mobile learning interface. Visitors will get to know about the technique of accessing videos, quizzes and interactive courses from any mobile device like iPad, iPhones and other accessories. The new mobile interface not only supports interactive contents but also features simple yet enhanced functionality to the users.

BlueVolt's national account manager, Sharon Dunigan, said that, this new mobile interface was a great asset for professional integrators and also the service providers and manufacturers who utilize the Learning Management System. Using this interface, the users will be able to access the e-learning contents from any mobile device virtually. On the other hand, it makes easier for the manufacturers and hosts of the e-learning contents to upload the video contents. Any video format is automatically decoded and converted into different formats which make the video viewing from any modern browser easy.

The CEDIA stands for Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association and in CEDIA Expo 2012, exhibits various new electronic designs and numerous gadgets. BlueVolt will feature its new interface in the Expo and people will get to know about the enhanced technology with good guidance at ten BluVolt's both in the Expo. BlueVolt being the top provider of LMS and the new interface is specially designed for delivering affordable training, verifying knowledge and reporting results all sitting at one place. The company's approach to e-learning and online training encourages education and learning which is valuable for both the education providers as well as students.

BlueVolt has bagged Gold award for Excellence in Technology presented by Brandon Hall and Learning Leader award presented by Bersin and Associates for the purpose of Vendor Innovation in Talent Management and Learning. BlueVolt has delivered around 1,360,000 courses to more than 230,000 registered users of the company. The new interface will also be available for free to all present BlueVolt Learning Management System learners as well as customers. It will serve as a better alternative for mobile learning technology and will make the process easy and reliable.