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Demand of Online Education Boosts up for High School Graduation in U.S.

Demand of Online Education

The recent annual report of Evergreen Education Group released this week suggested that number of students opting for online education has increased during the year 2011-2012. Students are largely participating in online education programs which offer them all study material and technology without physically going to the college. Also, many universities in United States are launching online courses for students to study at their own place.

Recently, the Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology launched their own online education platform 'edX' which offers free online education to students. Since the tuition fees of the universities and colleges are peaking, students are getting more attracted towards free online courses. Online courses have struck a battle between the universities in U.S due to which those universities are trying to offer plenty of online education to students at low costs or free.

Some of the state legislations like Idaho and Virginia have signed a law proposal last year which suggests the students to go for at least one online course for earning a high school diploma. While the governor of Minnesota passed a law in May 2012, which encourages students to opt for online courses before completing their graduation from high school. Also, the school boards in various districts have passed laws on books which require virtual education including Putnam County Schools and Memphis City Schools in Tennessee, Marietta City Schools in Georgia, and Kenosha and Cedarburg School Districts in Wisconsin.

According to the report of Education Dynamics research, around 10 percent of college graduates earn a degree online. Massive Open Online Course which is a online education platform offering unparallel learning opportunities taught by world class faculties free of cost has made it simpler and easier for students to participate in online programs especially, those facing finance problems. Studies have indicated that around 90 percent of the students are signing up for online courses for professional gain.

When a survey of students for online education was taken, some students gave an opinion that online courses offer flexibility since there isn't any specific time to study. Some of them said that opting for online programs saves money since most courses are offered at low costs or free. Also, online courses make learning more accountable instead of depending on instruction or guidance, others said.

Education is becoming more and more costly as the days are passing and therefore, students have found a new way to access education with low cost by online programs. The number of students opting for online education may reach to maximum after some years leading to closing down of high schools.