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Wiley to Expand Online Education Services by Acquiring

Wiley to Expand Online Education Services

John Wiley & Sons Inc. has announced its acquisition of, LLC for around $220 million on 02 October, 2012. The company is on a mission of expanding its higher education business along with some technical education. The acquisition will be finalized at the end of this month and then Deltak will be helping in acceleration of Wiley's higher education business., LLC, founded in 1997 is a private higher education as well as online education services leader based in Chicago. It closely works with leading colleges and universities in order to support complete online degree and certification programs. This company provides technology platforms and services including instructional design, market research validating program demand, student recruitment and retention services, and marketing to the best regional and national colleges and universities cited in United States to achieve strategic outcomes with mixed and online program offerings.

John Wiley & Sons Inc. is the largest publishing company since 200 years and is well-known for its texts and journals of technical, scientific and medical subjects for academic and scholar students. It has worked with two and four year universities along with profit career schools and developed a large textbook library.

Deltak's technological platform helps many educators as well as administrators to provide online programs and currently it supports over 100 online programs. Its instructional design and market research proves advantageous to the emerging companies which helps them to expand their online education business.

Joseph Heider, Wiley's Senior Vice President, Global Education commented that due to the acquisition with Deltak, the Global Education of Wiley will be extended in the high-growth market and will also enhance the organizations in the field of student recruitment services, curriculum design and next generation technology solutions. He further said that the company will influence its student and instructor workflow applications, publishing assets, market expertise and institutional relationships in order to add competitive advantage to Deltak's current services and develop new products and services for the market of higher education. Wiley will support the extension of its online services to worldwide universities as well as Deltak's partnership expansion.

Deltak's President and Chief Executive,Craig Pines commented that Deltak's members are excited to join the family of John Wiley & Sons Inc. Wiley's digital assets, scale and international reach will help to enhance Deltak's services value to deliver them to its university partners and will also permit the company to accelerate growth strategies and enter new markets, he added.

Deltak and Wiley are on the similar mission of expanding their higher education services all over the world. Also, the acquisition will help them to reach new markets and enhance their services by technical support. It will surely send the message of significance of online education among the students, faculties and administrators in the corners of the world where it's not even introduced.