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Privacy Policy
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We here at Semizone treat everyone's privacy seriously. Outlined below is our privacy policy. Please read it to learn how we treat information gathered from visitors of this site.

Semizone collect personal information from you only when we can use it to provide you with some service. For example, we ask for your email address so that we can notify you when someone responds to a question that you've posted in a discussion forum. These information are usually gathered after you have registered to be a member of the site.

Semizone will not sell or rent to anyone any information that we get from visitors of the site. In any case that a service requires us to share your information, we will only give it away when:
  • there is a prior approval from you
  • it is to be used by us or a business partner for a service you want
  • we are ordered to do so by a subpeona, court order or any other legal process
Default System Behavior
You have some control over the extent to which your personal information is kept private. However, here are some examples of the default system behavior:
  • your email address is kept hidden from non-registered users; this is mostly to keep spam robots from harvesting your address
  • your email address is provided to other registered users on request; this is to faciliate dialog among community members
  • the complete history of everything you've posted on the site is available to anyone; this is so that people may assess the credibility of your contributions
  • the history of things that you've looked at or purchased aren't available to anyone except the site administrators
Semizone is all about being a community. In order for us to implement information exchange we need to set cookies on your computer so that we can track the current state you are in while you are accessing our site. Please note that this is a requirement of our site. Turning off cookies in your browser will limit the sections that you can access in our site.
Account Information
Being registered on Semizone means that you can always change details regarding any information belonging to you. This is up to you and you can do always do this without any limit on the number of times you can change your personal information.
Some areas of Semizone require you to provide us with very sensitive data. These includes credit card information when performing course enrollment transactions over the web. Access to these areas use SSL encryption to protect all the data transmitted.
Changes to this Privacy Policy
Semizone reserves the right to change the contents of this privacy policy as we see fit. If we think the change will greatly affect our members then we will send out an email to notify you of those changes.