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Clear the MRCGP exams: tips to practice for the MRCGP AKT exam

Clear the MRCGP Exams: Tips to practice for the MRCGP AKT Exam

The MRCGP Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) exam has been made harder - the pass standard was raised after the January 2010 exam, resulting in the cheapest pass rate so far - 73% passed the exam in January, and 73% in April 2010 (when evaluate with a long term average of 79% passing). The secret to passing the exam is to realize what subjects appear most commonly in the exam, and to expand and efficient plan for your revision. Here are some helpful revision guidelines to help you prepare in a way to pass through the examination first time:

Plan your preparation - to face the syllabus for this examination while also effective and it will take the majority of doctors 2-3 several months’ revision. Be sure you allow plenty of time to cover everything correctly.

Remember the dull things - registrars tend to perform much less well in the organizational and facts meaning questions than in the clinical medicine queries. These areas consist of questions about data, types of study, interpreting equity graphs as well as charts, exercise administration, medico legal issues, DVLA recommendations and certification. 20% of the marks come from these places, and whilst they might be dull to study, they offer fairly easy marks.

Split your own revision into bite sized portions - after about an hour, your attention and remember falls radically, which means you will keep more by studying within several brief sessions with breaks in between rather than a few lengthier sessions.

Concentrate on your weak areas - physicians often enjoy trying questions on topics they are proficient at, because they feel great when they get a higher score. You need to prevent this as well as rather spend more time in areas that you are NOT therefore confident upon; because these would be the topics you're prone to shed marks in. The AKT is really a tough exam, but it's additionally reasonable. Ideally these tips can help you moving toward a move.

Keep in mind - should you neglect to PREPARE, you should prepare to fail!