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Trine University Plans to Open Additional Campus in Arizona

Trine University

Trine University based in Indiana is planning to open a new campus in Arizona in early 2013. The announcement was made Centennial Park Plaza's press conference on 24 October, 2012 by the city officials and representatives of the Trine University. The branch campus will be established in Peoria, Arizona and will serve students with undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering, mechanical, bio-medical, electrical and civil courses. Students have already started enrolling for online courses provided by the university.

The Mayor of Peoria, Bob Barrett welcomed the Trine University to the city and said that it is an exciting time for his community and the West Valley. The closest university in the city is the Arizona State University West and the way the communities are growing out he doesn't even consider that in the West Valley anymore, he added. Trine is also planning to offer tuition to its students which will be competitive with the education cost at the schools like Arizona State University, Barrett said further.

Peoria was trying hard to open a university in the city and it finally signed an agreement with the Trine University based in Indiana with the aim of starting the classes as soon as early spring 2013. The university is expecting around 200 students in the Peoria campus initially and hopes to gather over 1,200 students by its third year. The offices will be located in a 17,000-square-foot building where Western International University offices were based previously.

The leaders of Peoria said that they have taken a crucial step in creating a diverse and innovative local economy as the city secured its first university. The City Council has decided to spend between $1 million - $2.5 million for the university development. It is also expected that Indiana-based private school may spend approximately $6.5 million over the next five years on the Peoria campus.

Dr. Earle D. Brooks, President of Trine University, said that the prime goal of university is to keep the affordability in mind while offering quality education. He said that he knew Peoria would be the best location for the expansion of the school. When he stepped in Peoria for the first time he was impressed by the people as well as the reception received and also saw the potential which will help to grow the superior education opportunities. It is no longer good enough to have a college education but to have education that offers specific skills to meet the challenges, he added further.

Trine University is anticipating until the Peoria campus completes its fifth year, the university will have created around 16 full-time administrative jobs along with 1,479 additional part-time faculty jobs with a payroll of approximately $28 million. The economic analysis of Greater Phoenix Economic Council suggests that the university project will contribute to around $240.7 million to direct and indirect economic output.

Students are excited to become a part of the Trine University and hope that it will help them to offer good career options in future.