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Back Top Distance learning Colleges Australia Utilizes latest eLearning Platforms for better serve

Utilizes latest eLearning Platforms for better serve

Utilizes latest eLearning Platforms for better serve

In order to meet the training needs of coach certification course, International Coach Academy has leveraged many latest eLearning platforms. The Academy has opted for this modern change so as to serve better education to their global student body. Taking into consideration all the modern fundamentals of enhanced learning, the Academy has included new technologies in their learning system like software that is truly useful for better education. Such type of software engages students along with those from Middle East and China where social networking is not in a fast pace.

ICA being one of the leading providers of coach learning with certified programs and training, serve as a well established organization for those who desire to become a coach. With offering the essential amenities and facilities of fine learning environment, there are over 5,000 students attending International Coach Academy every year from more than 90 different countries. One of the highlights of ICA is that, it serves its best round the clock and also in multiple time zones. The Academy has built a rich and diverse environment for professional coach training and certification.

International Coach Academy is a unique place to learn, along with students getting a chance to communicate and share with global learning community. According to the CEO of ICA, Robyn Logan, the Academy has been looking for different learning environments since many years. With an extensive experience of more than 12 years, one major thing with the Academy has figured out is that the online classroom and its accompanying forum should portray versatility and simplicity. The focus should be on these factors rather than on the number of features the Academy has and how cleverly the back-end provides education. To evaluate, simplicity makes the learning process easier and puts the students at ease while learning.

With adding new and enhanced features to eLearning in International Coach Academy, all the students of the Academy learning in a fashion of how they want, when they want and by whom. No matter what the area of specialization is, students here learn the core skills in coaching with flexibility, self-paced environment and in a cross disciplinary manner. Learning programs of ICA are delivered via online learning combining it with tele-classes as well.