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Saudi Arabia leads e-learning

Saudi Arabia leads e-learning

Riyadh held the second International Conference on e-Learning, last week, with the expectation of boosting the idea of e-learning in the region, writes Professor Curtis Bonk of Indiana University said that Saudi Arabia is leading the field of e-learning and distance education within the Gulf region.

The conference was organized by the National Centre for e-Learning and Distance Training. The centre was formed in year 2005 by directives of King Abdullah."I believe Saudi Arabia's efforts in e-learning are really significant since the field is mature, the expertise are being blended and describing on the online format. Folks are pursuing certificates and degrees with the help of online courses,” says Bonk.

The reports that the conference concentrated the young generation with speakers including the originator of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales. The Arabic content on Wikipedia is quite sparse when compared to the size of the Arab populace, said Wales. says fast developing Saudia Arabian University and Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University, utilized the conference to explore possibilities of implementing e-learning at the university.

More than 11 000 folks, consisting 2 000 females, registered for the 4 day e-learning conference. Over eighty international speakers and a large number of participants which includes university professors, instructors, teachers, students and their parents were present.