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Asian University for women

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The Asian University for women College for ladies seeks in order to graduate women who is going to be experienced and revolutionary professionals, service-oriented leaders within the companies as well as towns by which they will work as well as reside,as well as marketers associated with intercultural knowing as well as sustainable individual as well as economic improvement in Asia and throughout the world.

The principal planning as well as improvement equip of the College may be the Asian College for Women Assistance Foundation (AUWSF), integrated as a 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organization located in America.

The building blocks accounts for mobilizing business, financial and intellectual resources around the globe to help establish the University. The establishment will be accountable for increasing and preserving the University's bequest. The AUW Support Foundation is led in its day-to-day procedures with a dedicated Board associated with Directors.

The Worldwide Council associated with advisors is a group of famous citizens and significant personas who serve as worldwide advocates with regard to broad assistance from the University’s objective as well as goals. The University additionally enjoys the assistance of a quantity of the most important leaders in government, company, and academia, leaders who're with each other known as the AUW Local authority or council associated with Patrons.

To produce a student-focused learning atmosphere in which the humanities and organic and sociable sciences establish a wide base associated with query, exactly where disciplinary and independent research supply understanding depth, as well as exactly where used research both in the general research and majors’ curricula require students in order to link theoretical understanding along with modern issues and problems facing Asia and also the world; and also to concentrate student learning on the acquisition of intellectual capabilities, refractive individual development, management abilities, along with a service oriented perspective.