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Semizone works with its client companies to support corporate education and training initiatives. Semizone provides the corporate clients customized set of courses and curricula assembled from its library of courses and custom-produced courses. Semizone also provides searchable module-level access to its content via the Knowledge Library product. The Knowledge Assessment product allows the employee to determine their level of understanding and competence in specific fields. Semizone provides a variety of mechanisms to deliver the course content to the corporate client's employees, customers, and suppliers. Semizone also provides its corporate clients integrated solutions to creating, hosting, and maintaining educational programs for their employees, customers, and suppliers through the Online University Service program.

Full integration with client intranet: Semizone provides seamless integration into the corporate client's central database and learning management system. All data exchange between Semizone and the corporate client is automated and performed in real time. Corporate client's access to Semizone's material is fully embedded into the corporate intranet, and Semizone's service is provided behind the scenes. Semizone provides full maintenance and support of the course content delivery and management.

Case Study: An engineer at the corporate client's facilities logs into the company intranet using her corporate user ID and password. Within the 'technology training' page of the corporate intranet, list of Semizone's courses customized for the client company is provided. The user browses through the classes, finds a match and enrolls in the course. Access is provided instantly. All administrative details are taken care of behind the scenes through an automated network between the client company and Semizone. When the engineer finishes the course, the course completion data is sent from the Semizone server to the corporate enterprise database and the employee's training record is updated automatically.

Integration through a custom corporate landing page: Semizone designs and implements a customized landing page for the corporate client. This landing page is designed exclusively for the client company and features customized set of courses and curricula. The landing page is set up with full functionality to support course categorizations, search, and enrollment. Authentication and financial transaction is performed by Semizone. Enrollment and course completion records are provided to the management through on-line reports.

Case Study: An engineer in the client company is directed into the company specific page operated by Semizone. The landing page contains listing of courses and curricula authorized and recommend by the client company. The engineer reviews the courses available and enrolls in a course. Authentication and enrollment authorization is performed by Semizone and the engineer is able to access the course instantly. An on-line record of the course progress is provided to the engineer. A consolidated on-line report of all employee enrollment and course progress is available to management.

Enrollment using corporate code: Semizone provides a select group of individuals in a company access to the full library of courses and curricula using a corporate code. Authentication is performed by matching the user login ID and the specified corporate access code. This arrangement is useful when a small group of individuals need access to the courses. Anyone in the authorized pool is able to access the courses instantly using the access code.

Case Study: A group of engineers in a division starts a new program and require educational content. The list of engineer's log-in ID's are provided to Semizone and Semizone issues the group access code. The engineers can use the access code to enroll in courses at the time of their choosing and can gain instant access to the courses. Accounting and billing is handled between Semizone and the company finance department and is transparent to the engineers.

Individual enrollments: In situations where a corporate program does not exist, individuals can enroll directly from Semizone's main web site. Enrollment can be activated with a credit card company purchase order, a check, or credit card.